Dryer Thermostat Operation

There are two varieties of thermostats used on most Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, and Maytag electrical and gasoline dryers – Fastened and Adjustable. These two varieties have three primary functions in a dryer – as working or biking thermostats, security thermostats, and cool-down thermostats.

An working or biking (bias) thermostat is used to regulate the air temperature within the dryer. A single mounted thermostat, a number of switch-selected mounted thermostats, or an adjustable thermostat could also be in management. These thermostats are situated within the exhaust airstream of the dryer and have usually closed contracts. The contacts open with temperature rise and management present to the gasoline burner or electric-heat-element circuitry. In some functions a second, usually open, contact is used to regulate timer operation whirlpool dryer repair los angeles.

Security thermostats are employed to forestall extreme temperatures throughout the dryer. Dryer security thermostats, or thermal fuses, are all the time mounted, or the non-adjustable kind. They’re situated at strategic areas within the burner space, heater aspect housing, or fan-scroll housing, relying on the design of the dryer mannequin. In most, if not all dryer functions, thermal fuses and security thermostats have usually closed contacts that open the circuit and stop electrical present to the warmth supply within the occasion that some failure or an irregular rise in temperature. A few of the earlier dryer security thermostats used with some handbook ignition burners had normally-open contacts that shut and energize an unlatching solenoid.

Cool-down thermostats are used to offer motor operation through the cool-down on many Whirlpool and Maytag Dryer designs. These thermostats have normally-open contacts that shut through the warmth section of the cycle. On the finish of that section, the timer or relay contacts are opened and the dryer continues to run with out warmth. When exhaust temperatures drop to roughly 120F, the contacts open to finish the cycle.

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